Weston Prom Run 5 Miler October 2011


Second race of the winter series, not such perfect conditions as the first (slight breeze, decidedly chilly) but I was feeling better prepared. A bit of speedwork and just a few more miles in my legs should, I hoped, pay off. Popular as ever, the start nonetheless seemed less congested than usual - perhaps lots of people had either just done an Autumn half marathon or had one lined up the next weekend? Anyhow, I had space to stand there in the warm crowd, still my mind and get myself ready for the race. I went off at what seemed like a good pace - 6 minute miling? couldn't be sure, didn't hear any garmins beeping this time. We were running into a very slight breeze, the leaders haring off and then a bunch gathered behind, myself and a few others clinging on the to back of the bunch. I recognised some of those ahead and knew I was not in their class, so I guessed I was in about the right place - or perhaps a touch optimistic?

The turn came at 7.28, slower than expected. On the way we had passed a fire walking event on the beach - you don't see that every day :) Sticking to my task coming back I had to be careful not to push too hard and get a stitch - it was threatening but never actually arrived. The half way point came at 14.55 - on target! I knew I was not going to keep that pace up but I still felt strong. I was aware that as well as the obvious goal of improving my time, I should really be less conditional, ie. equally satisfied with success or failure, so long as my determination was sincere. Easy to say, not so easy to achieve, that kind of detachment. All this was going on inside as the prom sped towards me yard by yard...

As the second half of the race went on I found myself working harder and harder gradually losing pace - not too badly but I could just feel it. There was no collapse like last time though, as I was definitely fitter a month on. I pushed hard to keep my pace steady in the last quarter and there it was - 30.33 and a good half minute knocked off my last time. Well pleased. Looking back I see I did 30.12 once here, in 2008 aged 40 when I was having a purple patch. More recently, 31.40, 31.12, 31.30 and 31.07 are the 2011 times. So not a bad result in race 2 of the winter.

Also in the race, Kokila and Suswara improved a lot too - we were all well pleased.


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