Weston Prom Run 5 Miler November 2011


After a cracking race in October that saw me knock more than half a minute off my time, I wasn’t in such great shape for November. The prom was breezy and chilly, and as usual winter tiredness had kept me off any meaningful speedwork for a couple of weeks – just enough to lose any sharpness.

Coming to the halfway mark in around 15.30 I was hoping to dip under 31 minutes at the finish, and managed to keep up a solid effort in the second half. Having started a little more cautiously than usual I was hoping to have a kick at the end, but it didn’t materialise. In the end I clocked myself at 31.02 which is around “par” for me this year. Would I have gone faster if I’d opted for the usual “fly and die” approach of starting fast then hanging on? No idea. As always I felt better post-race, it seems to lift my energy levels and burn off any nagging cold symptoms or other signs of winter blues. Then there’s the lift in mood too – racing never fails.


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