"Each step forward has a sacred meaning of its own"   Sri Chinmoy

Mount Dajti Peace Run - January 2nd 2024 - Albania

So, the new year began with a joyful Peace Run, first across the city of Tirana and then up 840m of steep ascent on the Pioneer's Trail leading to the top of the Dajti Express cable car. So no summit on this occasion, but we conquered the ridge and with all that ascent on road, track and trail it more than deserved its inclusion in my collection of 60 climbs. All in all the run took 2:45 including the city section (which also featured an ascent of the Pyramid of Tirana - that's a lot of steps). I felt strong on this one, thanks to the amazing team around me who were running so happily whether they were seasoned mountain goats or road-runners moonlighting on the trail. The shot shows how far we had come as we came up to around the 700m mark. In all there were 18 of us, but we had strung out a little by this point! I was in charge of counting everyone in though so I can confirm everyone made it to the cable car station in around 3 hours 15 or less. A Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom plaque is now there in the cable car station too, so this run has left a lasting legacy. So, 15 climbs to go in 3 months. This 60-Climbs Challenge is becoming quite a journey.

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