"Each step forward has a sacred meaning of its own"   Sri Chinmoy

On Yer Bike / CAL 72 mile ride - September 2023 - Somerset

There's one day a year I get to spend a work day - fully paid - out of the office and on the open road. Of course I have to raise enough donations for Change a Life but if I had to pay that all myself I'd probably do it anyway. It's a change from the solo rides I'm used to and a chance to ride a route devised by someone else that I don't really know in advance - it follows a similar pattern but always seems to throw up a few surprises!

The highlights this time were the descent into Wells, past the Cedar trees I'm so fond of and with incredible views of my favourite cathedral - then Cheddar Gorge with its awesome steep section at The Narrows - and finally a beautiful and truly punishing endgame around Nempnett Thrubwell.


It was around 72 miles, plus another 18 riding to and from the office - hot work on what felt like the last day of a (kind of) glorious summer. I felt very at one with my bike and with the familiar hills and lanes. It's taken around 33 years but I really feel I belong here now in Bristolshire. Some of these lanes and climbs are starting to feel like old friends. End-days of summer seem to somehow enhance that feeling, as you look back over the long, warm days (try to forget the endlessly rainy ones) and stretch out that last bit of warmth as long as you can.

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