"Each step forward has a sacred meaning of its own"   Sri Chinmoy

Sterling 2 Mile Race - May 2023 - Scotland

After 2 milers earlier in the year in Bali and New York, my May attempt at the classic Sri Chinmoy Race distance was in Scotland. We'd fixed up our May gathering in Stirling and although it's a hilly city, there was a park not far from the hostel with a flat loop perfect for what we needed. There was even ample warmup time while everyone got shepherded down the hill ready for the start.With visitors from Ireland and France as well as the other UK centres, plus the Peace Run team in town, this was another United Nations of a race. Looking at that start line photo I can think of a dozen countries represented!

I was in what I'd call 12:30 shape on a totally flat course with reasonable prep - this course was close to flat but the prep had been a long run and a hill session in the couple of days leading up. My legs were heavy even though my fitness was pretty good.

From the start I tried to stay with Robert and Sadanand, but they were soon gapping me and Sadanand pushed on to finish well ahead of the rest of us despite having had complications after Bali that kept him off the roads (just as I had - plus it was only a few weeks since my second bout of Covid-19 which I had picked up in USA after my great experience in the 7-hour walk). Robert stayed strong and there was no way I was going to catch him either. So, I pushed myself as hard as I could on a solo mission to hang on to 3rd place and try to go sub-13. That meant an intense and mostly silent race, with just the odd word breathlessly exchanged with runners I was passing on the loop. There was plenty of encouragement each time I passed the start/finish though.

I finished in 12:50 and Tarit delighted in announcing that I was first Old Fogey when the presentations happened later that day in the hostel. I'll take that :). Thanks to Mridanga for snapping race photos and videos as ever.


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