Weston Prom 5 - March 2011

After being a team of 4 at the last one, I found myself solo on this one! I was feeling in better shape and expecting to nip under 31 minutes this time around, feeling good as I warmed up on a drizzly and breezy night on the north end of the promenade (with absolutely no-one around, a lovely place to be in silence before the start).

Lasatt time I'd had runners around me with Garmins to pace against (those beeps are like audible mile markers) but this time, despite feeling like I was running within my limits, I was still disappointed to get to the turn and here a time of 16 minutes called out!

I put everything I had into the second half but it still took 15.40, so in all 40 seconds slower than a month before! And the achilles was aching in the warmup and afterwards too (though strangely not at all during the race).

Well, I'll put that slower time down to the conditions (ie. the breeze) though perhaps I wasn't as fit as I thought I was. It wuldn't be the first time :)

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