2 Mile Race, Paris, December 2013

After some optimism following my last couple of 2 milers, I'm back in injury rehab mode again. Not downhearted though, as it all seems like stuff I should recover from within a few months (recurrence of my old forefoot injury caused by the bike crash, and some patella tendonitis probably inflamed by having my bike saddle too low!). Also, the nice thing to report is that after that heart-stopping experience I had in 2012 (quite literally) both heart and lungs now feel totally back to normal.

Still, at a Joy Day gathering at a Franciscan monastery outside Paris, I wanted to be part of the traditional 2 mile early morning race. The only option was to either be one of the race marshals or to get stuck in and race-walk it with perhaps a few jog intervals thrown in.

The race began in the dark and cold of a chilly December morning on a silent street, and involved two out-and-back reps along the pavement. A bit hilly, but nothing like as hilly as some two milers I've endured for sure.

I finished in 21.58, so I guess that's my benchmark time on which to improve as injuries fade and fitness returns. Well, I hope that's how it goes - it's been so long since I raced properly that I can't remember what 6 minute pace feels like. Hope springs eternal though - a few months of wearing the patella strap, slapping on the homeopathic cream and stretching the quads should do it :)

Although I came nearly last in the race, I did at least take second place in the other competition of the weekend - Masterchef! My creation - a camembert, pear and marmalade sandwich - only narrowly lost out to Sanjaya's. Mind you, his son Mridanga was one of the judges.

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