1. Most inspirational (in the sports/excercise/fitness world) UK girl disciple


2. Most inspirational (in the sports/excercise/fitness world) UK boy disciple


3. Most inspirational (in the sports/excercise/fitness world) INTERNATIONAL girl disciple


4. Most inspirational (in the sports/excercise/fitness world) INTERNATIONAL boy disciple


5. Most inspirational EVENTS organiser (can be a UK boy or girl, can be for real or virtual events, public or centre-only - anything that needed to be "organised")



Dhavala won the most votes among the UK girls for her numerous virtual races and most especially her outright win in the Anniversary Marathon (her first marathon for 9 years - what a comeback!). Runners up were Piyasi and Indrani.

Garga took the most votes in the UK boy's category for his Ironman PB.

In the international categories there were plenty of votes for the 3100 winners, Andrea and Harita, but the winners overall were Sadanand for his Marathon PB and Abhejali for her ultra-triathlon from Dover to Prague.

In the event organisers' category there were stacks of votes for Shankara and Devashishu for the 24 hour race and all those virtual races that have kept us running through lockdown, but the winner overall was Sudhira for her 9000 Minutes for Guru, an inspired idea that caught the imagination of disciples all over the world.

Thanks to everyone who stayed as active as they could through 2021 and inspired others in the process!


Physical fitness is of paramount importance.

Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy answers, part 2, Agni Press, 1995